Module qtjambi
Package io.qt.gui

Class QMatrix3x3

All Implemented Interfaces:
QtObjectInterface, Cloneable

public class QMatrix3x3 extends QtObject implements Cloneable

Java wrapper for Qt class QMatrix3x3

  • Constructor Details

    • QMatrix3x3

      public QMatrix3x3()

      See QMatrix3x3::QMatrix3x3()

    • QMatrix3x3

      public QMatrix3x3(QMatrix3x3 other)

      See QMatrix3x3::QMatrix3x3(QMatrix3x3)

    • QMatrix3x3

      public QMatrix3x3(FloatBuffer values)

      See QMatrix3x3::QMatrix3x3(const float*)

    • QMatrix3x3

      public QMatrix3x3(float[] values)
  • Method Details

    • copyDataTo

      @QtUninvokable public final void copyDataTo(FloatBuffer values)

      See QMatrix3x3::copyDataTo(float*)const

    • data

      @QtUninvokable public final FloatBuffer data()

      See QMatrix3x3::data()

    • array

      @QtUninvokable public final float [] array()

      See QMatrix3x3::data()const

    • fill

      @QtUninvokable public final void fill(float value)

      See QMatrix3x3::fill(float)

    • isIdentity

      @QtUninvokable public final boolean isIdentity()

      See QMatrix3x3::isIdentity()const

    • setValue

      @QtUninvokable public final void setValue(int row, int column, float value)

      See QMatrix3x3::operator()(int,int)

    • value

      @QtUninvokable public final float value(int row, int column)

      See QMatrix3x3::operator()(int,int)const

    • multiply

      @QtUninvokable public final QMatrix3x3 multiply(float factor)

      See QMatrix3x3::operator*=(float)

    • add

      @QtUninvokable public final QMatrix3x3 add(QMatrix3x3 other)

      See QMatrix3x3::operator+=(QMatrix3x3)

    • subtract

      @QtUninvokable public final QMatrix3x3 subtract(QMatrix3x3 other)

      See QMatrix3x3::operator-=(QMatrix3x3)

    • divide

      @QtUninvokable public final QMatrix3x3 divide(float divisor)

      See QMatrix3x3::operator/=(float)

    • setToIdentity

      @QtUninvokable public final void setToIdentity()

      See QMatrix3x3::setToIdentity()

    • transposed

      @QtUninvokable public final QMatrix3x3 transposed()

      See QMatrix3x3::transposed()const

    • equals

      @QtUninvokable public boolean equals(Object other)

      See QMatrix3x3::operator==(QMatrix3x3)const

      equals in class QtObject
      other - other object
      true if the native counterpart of the two objects are one and the same.
    • hashCode

      @QtUninvokable public int hashCode()
      Returns the objects's hash code computed by qHash(QMatrix3x3).
      hashCode in class Object
    • copyDataTo

      @QtUninvokable public final void copyDataTo(float[] values)
    • clone

      @QtUninvokable public QMatrix3x3 clone()

      Creates and returns a copy of this object.

      clone in class Object