Module qtjambi
Package io.qt.core

Class QObject.Signal3Default2<A,B,C>

Type Parameters:
A - The type of the first parameter of the signal.
B - The type of the second parameter of the signal.
C - The type of the third parameter of the signal.
All Implemented Interfaces:
QMetaObject.Connectable1<A>, QMetaObject.Connectable2<A,B>, QMetaObject.Connectable3<A,B,C>, QMetaObject.Connectable4<A,B,C,Object>, QMetaObject.Connectable5<A,B,C,Object,Object>, QMetaObject.Connectable6<A,B,C,Object,Object,Object>, QMetaObject.Connectable7<A,B,C,Object,Object,Object,Object>, QMetaObject.Connectable8<A,B,C,Object,Object,Object,Object,Object>, QMetaObject.Connectable9<A,B,C,Object,Object,Object,Object,Object,Object>, QMetaObject.Emitable1<A>, QMetaObject.Emitable2<A,B>, QMetaObject.Emitable3<A,B,C>, QMetaObject.GenericConnectable, QMetaObject.Signal
Enclosing class:

public final class QObject.Signal3Default2<A,B,C> extends QMetaObject.AbstractSignal3Default2<A,B,C>
Declare and instantiate a field of this class in your QObject subclass to declare a signal that takes three parameters and providing default values for parameters 2 and 3.
  • Constructor Details

    • Signal3Default2

      public Signal3Default2(Supplier<? extends B> arg2Default, Supplier<? extends C> arg3Default)
  • Method Details

    • containingObject

      public final QObject containingObject()
      Returns the object containing this signal.
      Specified by:
      containingObject in interface QMetaObject.Signal
      the signal containing object