Class QWebEngineFullScreenRequest

All Implemented Interfaces:
QtObjectInterface, Cloneable

public final class QWebEngineFullScreenRequest extends QtObject implements Cloneable

Java wrapper for Qt class QWebEngineFullScreenRequest

  • Field Details

    • staticMetaObject

      public static final QMetaObject staticMetaObject
      This variable stores the meta-object for the class.
  • Method Details

    • accept

      public final void accept()

      See QWebEngineFullScreenRequest::accept()

    • getOrigin

      @QtUninvokable public final QUrl getOrigin()

      Kotlin property getter. In Java use origin() instead.

    • origin

      @QtUninvokable public final QUrl origin()

      See QWebEngineFullScreenRequest::origin()const

    • reject

      public final void reject()

      See QWebEngineFullScreenRequest::reject()

    • getToggleOn

      @QtUninvokable public final boolean getToggleOn()

      Kotlin property getter. In Java use toggleOn() instead.

    • toggleOn

      @QtUninvokable public final boolean toggleOn()

      See QWebEngineFullScreenRequest::toggleOn()const

    • clone

      Creates and returns a copy of this object.

      clone in class Object