Class IoDeviceBase

All Implemented Interfaces:
QtObjectInterface, QtSignalBlockerInterface, QtSignalEmitterInterface, QtThreadAffineInterface
Direct Known Subclasses:
ClientIoDevice, ServerIoDevice

public abstract class IoDeviceBase extends QObject

Java wrapper for Qt class IoDeviceBase

  • Field Details

    • staticMetaObject

      public static final QMetaObject staticMetaObject
      This variable stores the meta-object for the class.
    • disconnected

      public final QObject.Signal0 disconnected

      See IoDeviceBase::disconnected()

    • readyRead

      public final QObject.Signal0 readyRead

      See IoDeviceBase::readyRead()

  • Constructor Details

    • IoDeviceBase

      public IoDeviceBase()

      Overloaded constructor for IoDeviceBase(io.qt.core.QObject) with parent = null.

    • IoDeviceBase

      public IoDeviceBase(QObject parent)

      See IoDeviceBase::IoDeviceBase(QObject*)

  • Method Details

    • addSource

      @QtUninvokable public final void addSource(String arg__1)

      See IoDeviceBase::addSource(QString)

    • initializeDataStream

      @QtUninvokable public final void initializeDataStream()

      See IoDeviceBase::initializeDataStream()

    • isClosing

      @QtUninvokable public final boolean isClosing()

      See IoDeviceBase::isClosing()const

    • read

      See IoDeviceBase::read(QtRemoteObjects::QRemoteObjectPacketTypeEnum&,QString&)

    • remoteObjects

      @QtUninvokable public final QSet<String> remoteObjects()

      See IoDeviceBase::remoteObjects()const

    • removeSource

      @QtUninvokable public final void removeSource(String arg__1)

      See IoDeviceBase::removeSource(QString)

    • stream

      @QtUninvokable public final QDataStream stream()

      See IoDeviceBase::stream()

    • bytesAvailable

      @QtUninvokable public long bytesAvailable()

      See IoDeviceBase::bytesAvailable()const

    • close

      @QtUninvokable public void close()

      See IoDeviceBase::close()

    • connection

      @QtUninvokable public abstract QIODevice connection()

      See IoDeviceBase::connection()const

    • deviceType

      @QtUninvokable protected abstract String deviceType()

      See IoDeviceBase::deviceType()const

    • doClose

      @QtUninvokable protected abstract void doClose()

      See IoDeviceBase::doClose()

    • isOpen

      @QtUninvokable public boolean isOpen()

      See IoDeviceBase::isOpen()const

    • write

      @QtUninvokable public void write(QByteArray data)

      See IoDeviceBase::write(QByteArray)

    • write

      @QtUninvokable public void write(QByteArray data, long arg__2)

      See IoDeviceBase::write(QByteArray,qint64)

    • setClosing

      @QtUninvokable protected final void setClosing(boolean Closing)

      See IoDeviceBase::m_isClosing