Class QRenderState

All Implemented Interfaces:
QtObjectInterface, QtSignalBlockerInterface, QtSignalEmitterInterface, QtThreadAffineInterface
Direct Known Subclasses:
QAlphaCoverage, QAlphaTest, QBlendEquation, QBlendEquationArguments, QClipPlane, QColorMask, QCullFace, QDepthRange, QDepthTest, QDithering, QFrontFace, QLineWidth, QMultiSampleAntiAliasing, QNoDepthMask, QPointSize, QPolygonOffset, QRasterMode, QScissorTest, QSeamlessCubemap, QStencilMask, QStencilOperation, QStencilTest

public abstract class QRenderState extends QNode

An abstract base class for all render states

Java wrapper for Qt class Qt3DRender::QRenderState

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      public static final QMetaObject staticMetaObject
      This variable stores the meta-object for the class.