Class QChannel

All Implemented Interfaces:
QtObjectInterface, Cloneable, Iterable<QChannelComponent>

public class QChannel extends QtObject implements Iterable<QChannelComponent>, Cloneable

Defines a channel for a QAnimationClipData. The animation system interpolates each channel component independently except in the case the QChannel is called "Rotation" (case sensitive), it has four QChannelComponents and the same number of keyframes for each QChannelComponent. In that case the interpolation will be performed using SLERP

Java wrapper for Qt class Qt3DAnimation::QChannel

  • Constructor Details

    • QChannel

      public QChannel()

      See Qt3DAnimation::QChannel::QChannel()

    • QChannel

      public QChannel(String name)

      See Qt3DAnimation::QChannel::QChannel(QString)

    • QChannel

      public QChannel(QChannel arg__1)

      See Qt3DAnimation::QChannel::QChannel(Qt3DAnimation::QChannel)

  • Method Details

    • appendChannelComponent

      @QtUninvokable public final void appendChannelComponent(QChannelComponent component)

      See Qt3DAnimation::QChannel::appendChannelComponent(Qt3DAnimation::QChannelComponent)

    • begin

      See Qt3DAnimation::QChannel::begin()const

    • channelComponentCount

      @QtUninvokable public final int channelComponentCount()

      See Qt3DAnimation::QChannel::channelComponentCount()const

    • clearChannelComponents

      @QtUninvokable public final void clearChannelComponents()

      See Qt3DAnimation::QChannel::clearChannelComponents()

    • end

      See Qt3DAnimation::QChannel::end()const

    • insertChannelComponent

      @QtUninvokable public final void insertChannelComponent(int index, QChannelComponent component)

      See Qt3DAnimation::QChannel::insertChannelComponent(int,Qt3DAnimation::QChannelComponent)

    • jointIndex

      @QtUninvokable public final int jointIndex()

      See Qt3DAnimation::QChannel::jointIndex()const

    • name

      @QtUninvokable public final String name()

      See Qt3DAnimation::QChannel::name()const

    • assign

      @QtUninvokable public final void assign(QChannel arg__1)

      See Qt3DAnimation::QChannel::operator=(Qt3DAnimation::QChannel)

    • removeChannelComponent

      @QtUninvokable public final void removeChannelComponent(int index)

      See Qt3DAnimation::QChannel::removeChannelComponent(int)

    • setJointIndex

      @QtUninvokable public final void setJointIndex(int jointIndex)

      See Qt3DAnimation::QChannel::setJointIndex(int)

    • setName

      @QtUninvokable public final void setName(String name)

      See Qt3DAnimation::QChannel::setName(QString)

    • iterator

      public Iterator<QChannelComponent> iterator()
      Returns an iterator for this iterable object.
      Specified by:
      iterator in interface Iterable<QChannelComponent>
      See Also:
    • equals

      @QtUninvokable public boolean equals(Object other)

      See operator==(Qt3DAnimation::QChannel,Qt3DAnimation::QChannel)

      equals in class QtObject
      other - other object
      true if the native counterpart of the two objects are one and the same.
    • hashCode

      @QtUninvokable public int hashCode()
      Returns the objects's hash code computed by qHash(Qt3DAnimation::QChannel).
      hashCode in class Object
    • clone

      @QtUninvokable public QChannel clone()

      Creates and returns a copy of this object.

      clone in class Object