Package io.qt.charts

Class QXYModelMapper

All Implemented Interfaces:
QtObjectInterface, QtSignalBlockerInterface, QtSignalEmitterInterface, QtThreadAffineInterface
Direct Known Subclasses:
QHXYModelMapper, QVXYModelMapper

public class QXYModelMapper extends QObject

Java wrapper for Qt class QtCharts::QXYModelMapper

  • Field Details

    • staticMetaObject

      public static final QMetaObject staticMetaObject
      This variable stores the meta-object for the class.
  • Constructor Details

    • QXYModelMapper

      protected QXYModelMapper()

      Overloaded constructor for QXYModelMapper(io.qt.core.QObject) with parent = null.

    • QXYModelMapper

      protected QXYModelMapper(QObject parent)

      See QtCharts::QXYModelMapper::QXYModelMapper(QObject*)

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